Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region, partnered with Consulate General of PRC in Toronto, organized another year’s of successful Chinese Flag Raising ceremony in York Region on China’s national day, 10 am in Richmond Hill, 1pm in Markham and 3pm in Vaughan on Sunday October 1,2017. Hundreds of residents participated and celebrated together. joined by 3 levels of Government representatives, MP Majid Jowhari, MP Deb Schulte, MPP and Minister Reza Moridi,MPP Gila Martow; Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow, deputy mayor Vito Spatafora and council members Godwin Chan, Castro Liu and Tom Muench; Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Deputy Mayor Jack Heath, Councillors Nirmala Armstrong, Alan Ho, Don Hamilton and Amanda Young-Collucci; Vaughan Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, Deputy Mayor Ferri and several Vauhghan Councillors. Other special guests present included the former Governor General of Manitoba Philip Lee, York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe, Staff Seargeant Alice Tsang, and several other high networth business leaders.

The Guests of Honour Consul General and Mrs. He Wei raised the Chinese flag along with Dr. Ken Ng and other dignitaries at each of the 3 municipalities. Participants sang Canadian and Chinese national anthems while witnessing Chinese flag raising at Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan.

Dr Ken Ng, chairman of FCCYR, who initiated this ceremony first in Markham 6 years ago, then in Richmond Hill 5 years ago with support from the 2 Chinese city Councillors Godwin Chan and Castro Liu, then last year in Vaughan with support from Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco. ‘Chinese Canadians recently became the biggest ethnic community in York Region, it’s very important for them to celebrate their own cultural heritage while being a proud Canadian. Chinese are hard working and friendly people, we would like to share with the community of our rich culture; As well, allow the second generation Chinese to be proud of themselves and finding a sense of belonging. That’s why we organize this chinese flag raising event every year and is expanding to more cities.’ Says Dr Ng. Chairman of FCCYR.



各市參與的三級政府官員包括國會議員Majid Jowhari、Deb Schulte,省议员/部長莫偉力,省议员Gila Martow,烈市市長Dave Barrow,副市长Vito Spatafora 、議員陳志輝,廖立暉 和Tom Muench;萬錦市市長薛家平、副市長 Jack Heath, 議員何胡景、楊綺清、 Nirmala Armstrong和Don Hamilton,旺市市長Maurizio Bevilacqua代表議員杨仕婷、副市长Ferri和幾位議員。其他貴賓包括前緬尼托巴省省督李紹麟、约克区警局警长Eric Joliffe 、职员Seargeant Alice Tsang 、几位华裔警官和其他商界領袖 等。


Chinese Flag Raising Ceremony at Richmond Hill 2017


Chinese Flag Raising Ceremony at Richmond Hill 2017



Chinese Flag Raising Ceremony Markham Civic Centre 2017



Chinese Flag Raising Ceremony at Vaughan City Hall 2017