December 8,2017 MARKHAM—  FCCM/CCCM “The Belt and Road Business Forum and Reception” was held successfully at the Markham Chinese Cultural Centre of FCCM on Friday Dec 8 from 12 pm to 2 pm.

Many guests attended the business forum including Hon. Michael Chan, MPP Markham-Unionville(Minister of International Trade) , Mary Ng, (MP Markham-Thornhill), and Mr. E Defeng, Counsellor and Head of Commerce Section, the Consulate-General of the Peoples Republic of China in Toronto as keynote speakers,  Nirmala Armstrong, (York Regional Councillor of Markham), Mr. Thanakrit Luangasnathip, Consul & Director of Royal Thai Consulate-General and Thai Trade Centre,Toronto, and more than 100 local business elite.

The forum was hosted by the Chairman of the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (FCCM) and its Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham (CCCM), Dr. Ken Ng. Mary Ng, MP Markham-Thornhill who completed the visit to China with Prime Justin Trudeau, and Hon. Michael Chan, MPP Markham-Unionville(Minister of International Trade) who accompanied Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, to China  brought their greetings and updates from their recent trips to China and from the Federal/Ontario Government.  They both expressed that the recent trips achieved fruitful results. Hon. Michael Chan mentioned,”I think this Kathleen Wynne ‘s visit to China is the best because lots of achievable contracts were signed.” Mr. E Defeng, Commercial Counselor of the Consulate-General of China in Toronto, introduced the Chinese government’s Belt and Road Initiatives. Regarding the highly interested Canada-China Free Trade Agreement negotiations, Mr. E Defeng said in the interview, “I know that the both sides had a very good communication in Beijing. The negotiation should be very positive. ”

Dr. Ken Ng gave the Chairman’s welcome remarks and updates including the design of the new FCCM and CCCM Centre at King Square and expressed appreciation to the member – RICHFIELDSHOP in sponsoring this business forum and helping set up the China office of FCCM/CCCM in Guangzhou.

Dr. Ng announced that FCCM will host a special Chinese New Year Day Gala Dinner on February 16, 2018 at Le Parc Banquet Hall in Markham. Many government leaders , business and community leaders will be attending, in addition to the special performances and food. Information will be on

In the Forum, the guests from local businesses networked warmly. Many business leaders expressed their gratitude to Dr. Ken Ng and FCCM/CCCM for hosting this business forum so that they can understand the economic strategy of the Canadian and Chinese governments better and exchange views with local business peers on new business opportunities and cooperation in the forum. The honored guests appreciated that FCCM/CCCM actively promote cultural and economic exchanges between China and Canada, and set up a new branch office for establishing a business exchange platform between China and Canada in Guangzhou, China.

Next year is the Canada-China Tourism Year, so the local business industry expects to have more business opportunities on both sides of Canada and China.

萬錦華商會 一帶一路 商務論壇圓滿舉行

加拿大萬錦市加華聯會(FCCM) / 萬錦華商會(CCCM),於12月8日(星期五)下午12時至2時,在該會中國文化中心主辦關於“一路一帶”商業經濟論壇暨聯誼午宴。安省國貿廳長陳國治 ,聯邦國會議員伍鳳儀,中華人民共和國駐多倫多總領事館,商務參贊鄂德峰作為論檀主講嘉賓。包括萬錦市約克區區議員安思創、泰國駐多領事及本地商界100餘人士參與論壇。

論壇由萬錦市加華聨會、華商會主席吳建忠醫生主持。隨同總理杜魯多結束訪華的國會議員伍鳳儀,以及早前陪同安省省長韋恩訪華的國貿廳長陳國治, 倆人分別緻詞並都表示上述訪華行程取得豐碩成果。陳國治廳長表示,“我覺得這次(韋恩訪華)成績最好,因為籤的合約好多都很實在。”中國駐多倫多總領館商務參贊鄂德峰亦出席並致詞介紹了中國政府“一帶一路”區域經濟倡議。針對外界高度關注的加中自由貿易協議談判, 鄂德峰先生接受采訪時提到“在北京的談判我知道大家進行了很好的交流,很好的談判,應該講談判還是很積極的。”


吳建忠醫生在論壇中也宣佈萬錦市加華聨會將于2018年2月16日在萬錦市Le Parc Banquet Hall主辦一個特別的中國新年晚會。許多政府要員、商界和社區領袖將光臨本次新年晚會,另外晚會將有精彩的表演節目及美味的食品供大家享用。具體信息我們近期將發佈在



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