October 1, 2017

Big-O-Tree Games Inc.

Markham, Ontario, Canada

Dear Sirs/Madams,

Re: Dirty Chinese Restaurant”

We, at the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham are really disappointed and disturbed to see such a racially profiled game appearing in the market of video games which can affect so many people, especially our next generation. That the Big-O-Tree, a company located in Markham, is producing it is even more of an atrocity.

Markham, as everyone knows, is a city that is truly proud of her multicultural mosaic which has given her a famous reputation of being an intercultural and multicultural location to settle in, whether it be residential or commercial. The production of such a racially biased game has no place in our community which is seeing such steady growth in a peaceful and orderly manner, with so many people of different ethnic backgrounds living together in harmony and mutual respect.

This action of Big-O-Tree is really causing a lot of anger and unease in the Markham community, among Chinese and non-Chinese alike, many of whom are deeply offended by such a gross game of racial profiling which could extend to other ethnic groups if it takes the fancy of the production company to do so.

We strongly condemn this game and demand an apology from Big-O-Tree Games for its irresponsible and harmful production of “ Dirty Chinese Restaurant “ for the sake of commercial gain without regard to the reality of our society’s values and the sensitivity of her people.


Dr. Ken Ng

Chairman, Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham

Chairman, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham

Chairman, Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region

A letter to Big-O-Tree
A letter to Big-O-Tree

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