OTTAWA- May 18, 2016- The TD Taste of Asia Festival held their third national launch at Parliament Hill to celebrate
Asian Heritage Month and the festival reaching its 14th milestone. The annual event is organized by the Federation
of Chinese Canadians in Markham (FCCM), the City of Markham, and the Association of Progressive Muslims of
Canada (APMC), with the co-operation of the Canadian Federation of Intercultural Friendship (CFIF) and expects over
180,000 visitors from all across the GTA.

Guests were cordially invited to a night of dazzling performances including traditional Chinese Qi Pao dress dance,
talented Markham violinist Holly Cheng shared her talent by performing a mix of Western and Asian tunes, and
Lajwanti Sethi and Rahda Arora performed two traditional Indian songs. These were only a preview of what’s to
come for this year’s cultural performance line up and embodies the level of diversity that will merge at the festival
this year.

Dr. Ken Ng, Festival Chairman and Founder, welcomed the distinguished guests. The long list of special guests
attended included Hon. Dr. Carolyn Bennett, Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; many
Members of Parliament from across the nation, including Senator Victor Oh, Senator Enverga, Celina Caesar-
Chavannes, MP, Nicola Dilorio, MP, Ali Ehsassi, MP, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, MP, Cheryl Gallant, MP, TJ Harvey, MP,
Joyce Murray, MP, Anne Minh-Thu Quach, MP, Geng Tan, MP, Arif Virani, MP, and Salma Zahid, MP.

Dr. Ken Ng, Festival Chairman and Founder (left), and Senator Victor Oh (right).

Many Officials from various Embassies also came to support: Ambassador Luo of China, Ambassador Monji of Japan,
High Commissioner Ahmad of Brunei, Ambassador Dung of Vietnam, Minister Nguyen Hung Son of Vietnam, Minister
Bompadre of Argentina, Ahmed A Jawad, Sri Lankan High Commissioner, Deputy Chief of Mission Qayomi of
Afghanistan, First Secretary Aitmakhanov of Kazakhstan, First Secretary Ozdemir of Turkey, Acting High Commisioner
Hashimi of Pakistan, Minister Counsellor Abdullah of Malaysia, Charge d’Affaires Haddad of Lebanon, Eric Tamayo,
Minister and Consul General of Philippine Embassy, Delgerjargal Ganbold, Consul General of Mongolia and many
others. Ambassador Isarabhakdi of Thailand, accompanied by his senior Embassy officials including Minister
Counsellor Boonsatheanwong and Counsellor Sundaramani, brought along his Embassy Chef to help serve up some
delicious Thai cuisine for the reception.

Ambassador Luo of People’s Republic of China (first left), Dr. Ken Ng, Festival Chairman and Founder (second left), Emily Ng, Vice President of FCCM (second right), Newton Wong (first right).

His Excellency Ambassador Vijavat Isarabhakdi of the Royal Thai Embassy expressed his excitement towards the
festival, “I look forward to seeing everybody at the TD Taste of Asia festival to experience tastes of Thai culture in the City of Markham once again. I sincerely express my gratitude towards Dr. Ken Ng and the FCCM, Mr. Mobeen
Khaja and the APMC and Frank Scarpitti, Mayor of Markham for all your efforts in making this possible. ”

Festival Chairman, Dr. Ken Ng promises to bring back another exciting year, “This year, with thanks to TD Bank Group,
the Royal Thai embassy’s support as well as my partners Mayor Frank Scarpitti and Mobeen Khaja, we will bring back
all the amazing multicultural performances. In addition we will have some new sponsors that will participate in our
program to spice up Taste of Asia. One of the festival highlights this year will be the Indigenous Village, were there
will be teepees displays, Indigenous stage program, some of their local chefs cook some of their famous cuisine.”

MP Arnold Chan, Deputy House Leader and a co-host of the Reception said “As a proud member of the GTA
community, I commend Dr. Ken Ng and his organizing committee and Mr. Khaja from the Association of Progressive
Muslims in Canada for your efforts year after year in providing not just Markham, but the entire Greater Toronto
Area with amazing cultural variety. I also want to thank the Royal Thai Embassy for sponsoring tonight’s cuisine, it
was absolutely impeccable!”

Dr. Ken Ng, Festival Chairman and Founder (first left), and MP Arnold Chan, Deputy House Leader (second left), Ambassador Monji of Japan and spouse (centre), Emily Ng, Vice President of FCCM (first right).

The actual TD Taste of Asia 2016 will take place in Markham at the intersection of Steeles Avenue and Kennedy Road,
outside the Pacific Mall, on June 25th and 26th. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.


作為亞裔文化月慶祝項目之一,道明銀行亞洲文化美食節5 月18 日在國會山正式啓動。第十四
屆道明銀行亞洲文化美食節定於6 月25、26 日兩天舉行,由萬錦加華聯會、萬錦市政府及加拿
大進步穆斯林共同主辦,加拿大文化交流總會協辦,屆時預計有超過18 萬人參與,大家可以通

Cheng 中西結合的演奏,還有南亞裔歌手Lajwanti Senthi 等。這只是周六晚上持繼至午夜中心舞
台節目的一小部分,6 月25、26 這兩天一定來活動現場,精彩節目,特色美食一定不會讓您失

子修、Joseph Day 也到場肯定了活動的成功並鼓勵大家參與。活動主席吳建忠醫生介紹了亞洲文
化美食節的歷史,從2003 年一個只有十幾個攤位的美食節發展到今天能吸引十幾萬人規模,並
獲選安省前100 個最好的街頭嘉年華奬項,這離不開多年來社區機構,熱心人士的共同努力,更

大使羅照輝、泰國大使Isarabhakdi、日本大使Monji、越南大使Dung 等,以及菲律賓、土耳

泰國皇家大使Isarabhakdi 表示,「我很期待今年的活動,也希望在場的每一位及家人親友都來
負責人Mobeen Khaja 及萬錦市長薛家平的共同努力促成了亞洲文化美食節這個有意義的活動。

伴薛家平市長,加拿大進步穆斯林負責人Mobeen Khaja 的共同努力,大家會看到精彩多元文化


亞洲文化美食節定於6 月25、26 兩天,在萬錦市Kennedy 夾Steeles 太古廣場旁封路舉行。免

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