Activities of the Sports & Recreation Subdivision

  • Weekly badminton practice at school gyms in the evening. (Owing to demand, school gym locations may vary from year to year)
  • Annual summer picnics, sometimes with other organizations as a means to foster friendship with outside groups.
  • Annual X’mas party, highlighted by a visit from Santa Claus! Performances, carols, gifts, and much more!
  • Assist in fund-raising events of F.C.C.M.
  • Co-operation with the Boy Scout troop sponsored by F.C.C.M.

We have a total of 20 school gyms from Monday to Friday nights, all with different kinds of programs in Markham and Richmond Hill area

Basketball, Badminton, Scouts, Tai Chi, and Ballroom Dancing


If you are interested or would like to take part in activities manged by the Sports & Recreation subdivision of FCCM, please contact