The Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (F.C.C.M.) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the provision of services to the Chinese community and the integration of Chinese Canadians into the mainstream of Canada. Established in 1989, F.C.C.M. was formally incorporated on May 22, 1992. It is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our Objectives

1. To promote, foster, and protect the human rights of Chinese Canadians in Markham.

2. To serve as a voice on matters of concern of Chinese Canadian in Markham.

3. To bring together and unite Chinese Canadians of Diverse backgrounds in Markham.

4. To promote an understanding of the role of Chinese Canadians in the Canadian mosaic.

5. To promote the dissemination of information on Chinese culture.

6. To identify the social service requirements of the Chinese Canadians within Markham and to promote the provision of these services.

7. To assist first generation Chinese Canadians within Markham in adapting to Canadian society, while maintaining their cultural identity by informing them of the various educational, social and governmental assistance programs available and to encourage their integration into the mainstream of Canadian society.

8. To encourage first generation Chinese Canadians to become politically, socially, and culturally involved in Markham.

9. To establish a volunteer, community based umbrella organization for the Chinese Canadian residents, and to create a business, professional, social and cultural association within Markham for the purpose of pursuing the objects described herein.