Toronto- On Sunday January 10th, new MP Mahjid Jowhari of Richmond Hill and the Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region held a meet and greet at the Bayview Hill Community Centre to socialize and meet the residents of Richmond Hill and leaders of the Chinese Canadian community in York Region.

MP Mahjid Jowhari thanked the tremendous support from the guests, families and friends for support during the Federal Election and the outstanding support from the Chinese community.

Provincial Minister Reza Moridi highlighted that this marks a new era for Ottawa, and the provincial and federal governments finally have a chance to cooperate in bettering Richmond Hill’s future. He applauded the leadership of Dr. Ng and the Federation for the great contribution to the Canadian society in the past decade since he became the MPP of Richmond Hill

Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region Chairman Dr. Ken Ng thanked Minister Moridi and the room-filled guests for attending. He looks forward to have the Federation and the Chinese community working with the new MP during his service in Ottawa.

Dr. Ng and MP Jowhari thanked the support of Congee Queen, Victoria Montessori School, and the Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region, in particular Minnie Wang, who is the Federation’s new coordinator for Richmond Hill.

Guests enjoyed musical performances from students of the Victoria Montessori School, including a solo performance of Ohana Mai, age 5, who sang and recited a Chinese poem.

The new MP thanked presence of Members of Council including Councillors Muench, West and Celivitz from Richmond Hill and Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong and Councillor Amanda Collucci from Markham.

The new MP’s constituency office is set to open on January 17th, 2016 @ 2:00pm at 9140 Leslie St. Unit 407 in Richmond Hill.

約克區加華聯會上週日(10日)聯合烈治文山市新當選國會議員馬萬里(Majid Jowhari)假Bayview Hill社區中心舉辦聯誼茶聚,幫助烈市華人認識新當選的聯邦國會議員,促進烈市社區建設。
該活動得到烈治文山市多個機構的支持,包括維多利亞蒙特梭利私立幼兒園、皇后名粥等。吳建中醫生及國會議員馬萬里對贊助機構表示感謝,還特別介紹了約克區加華聯會在烈治文山市新的活動組織協調員Minnie Wang。
參加活動的嘉賓還包括烈市市議員Muench, West及Celivitz,以及萬錦市區議員Nirmala Armstrong和市議員楊綺清。馬萬里選區辦公室啟用儀式定於1月17日(週日)下午2點,地址:9140 Leslie St. Unit 407,Richmond Hill。

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