Markham Business Leaders Gather for New Economic Possibilities

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Leaders in the City of Markham and all over the GTA gathered at the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (FCCM) Markham Chinese Cultural Centre for a Holiday Business Mix n Mingle, an afternoon celebrating Markham’s diverse contributors to the business and cultural mosaic.

Dr. Ken Ng, Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham, kicked off the event by welcoming all the guests and introducing the FCCM and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCM). He thanked guests for their great support and followed with a cake cutting to celebrate the beginning of the Holidays.

The guest of honor today, Hon. John McCallum, the newly appointed Federal Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees arrived at the event in a pool warm applauses and welcoming faces. As a proud representative of the riding of Markham-Thornhill, Minister John McCallum said he is glad that Markham is a city that is accepting to cultural diversity. He also acknowledged the prominence of the Taste of Asia Festival to Markham’s diversity that was created and organized annually by the FCCM. His colleague, Health Minister Jane Philpott, representing Markham Stouffville also takes part in the committee for assisting refugees.

John McCallum said he is honoured to represent not only the City of Markham but also a nation that is unified in helping out with the refugee crisis in any way possible. He is proud that he has received support from his counterparts including the opposition parties for participating in this non-partisan project and thanked the nation for its kind support.

Our second guest of Honour, MPP Michael Chan, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade began by thanking the CCCM and FCCM for holding this amazing event along with the business members and guests for supporting him in role as International Trade. He responded to the Federal Minister’s remarks indicating that he will try his best to support the Federal government’s initiatives in addressing this refugee crisis.

The event also received the new Deputy House Leader of the Government of Canada, MP Arnold Chan. He thanked the FCCM for hosting this event along with the many cultural events throughout the year including Taste of Asia. MP Arnold Chan shared that he too, agrees with the Federal and Provincial Ministers for their efforts in the refugee crisis and commends them for their efforts in working together to help out.

Other notable guests included Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong and City Councillor Amanda Young Collucci, Regional Councillor Armstrong commented that what she has learnt through her involvement with FCCM and CCCM over the past few years helped her much to feel at ease and be impressive during the Markham Economic Trade Mission to China, which she and Amanda just returned yesterday. Councillor Alan Ho, a committee member, is still in Hong Kong on way back from the Trade Mission with Mayor Scarpitti, but is represented by his wife and son. Other notable business members present included York Region District School Board Trustee Carol Chan, managers from the Bank of China, Kenny Wan Chartered Accountants, Home Life Real Estate, Bank of Nova Scotia, BMO, AM1540 Chinese Radio, 3c3 Consulting Inc, Manucci Homes, Forest Green Homes, Pearl Acupuncture, Peter Chan Accountants, Canada Gain FortuneInc, Energy Profits Inc, and more. Event sponsor Thomas Shi, president of General One Electric Company and Vice President of CCCM is still on his trip to his hometown Harbin , China, finalizing the Alliance relationship between CCCM and the Harbin Chamber of Commerce.

The gathering created an opportunity to allow for the local businesses to connect and sparked new opportunities of cooperation for these leaders. This gathering has aspired the creation of new economic opportunities for the City of Markham in the New Year.


[多倫多訊] 萬錦市加華聯會、萬錦華商會日前邀請大多市特別是萬錦市各族裔政商界領袖,與新當選的聯邦公民、移民及難民廳長,萬錦-康山區國會議員麥家廉、安省公民及移民廳長、國際貿易廳廳長、萬錦市於人村省議員陳國治,及眾議會副領袖、士嘉堡愛靜閣區國會議員陳家諾一起,于萬錦市加華聯會城市廣場文化中心內舉行商業聚會,肯定萬錦市不同族裔人士在商業及文化方面所做的貢獻,同時尋求促進萬錦市進一步發展的商機並共賀聖誕。





參加當天聚會的還有約克區區域議員Nirmala Armstrong,萬錦市議員楊綺清,約克區教育委員陳煥鈴,商會領袖、社區知名人士溫建業等。

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