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Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham (CCCM) is the business division of the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (FCCM). The Business Division concentrates on networking, disseminating information and organizing educational seminars for the business people. It also helps in arranging trade exchange trips for the Markham business community to China where they can meet with prospective buyers and manufacturers. For the same purposes, when Chinese delegations visit Canada, it will also help to stage meeting between the delegates and the local business community.


Business Objectives 目標:

Operating out of the Markham Chinese Cultural Centre located at the second floor of Market Village, the main objectives of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham are the following:

  • To establish and operate a business association for the purposes of promoting fellowship among people in the Town of Markham
  • To promote and encourage effective and ethical business practices
  • To develop and foster the business community spirit
  • To communicate and cooperate with other business associations and organizations within and outside Ontario
  • To serve as a voice on matters of concern to the Chinese Canadian Business Community
  • To bring together and unite Chinese Canadian business people of diverse background in Markham and the whole of York Region
  • 商會成立和運作目的是推廣萬錦市商家的合作夥伴關係
  • 推廣和鼓勵有效的多元文化商業實踐
  • 拓展商業的社區精神
  • 與安省及以外的其他商會及社團聯誼及合作
  • 為加國華商關注問題發聲
  • 團結約克區及萬錦市多元族裔背景的加國華商

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham Business Membership

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham (CCCM) is now offering a business membership which gives your local business a cheaper alternative to get in some of your own advertisements at a largely discounted price. In this package deal, we offer many different methods in which you can advertise your own business in order to cater to your various needs. Some examples of what we offer in our business membership deal are discounted business card advertisement on our Taste of Asia program book, a business webpage or flyer design for you at a discounted price, seasonal business networking seminars to meet other businesses and/or politicians and much more. Linked below is an information package with all our other inclusive benefits as well as additional information on the benefits listed above. If interested, please fill out the application form (the last page of the CCCM Business Membership Package) and hand it in at our FCCM Markham Chinese Cultural Centre located on the second floor of Market Village.

CCCM Business Membership Package

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to send an email at, or call us at (905) 946- 1137.

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